Friday, August 23, 2019

Ds had his most relaxing field camp.."100plus" in field camp? what?lolz..more like summer camp for them. DS craving for homecooked meal after missing for 2 weeks..akan datang!

went "jb" for a day tour with gfs. so swaku, nv take bus and train before. gd experience for me!

Been so freaking bz, the stress level is almost reaching ultimatum :(
trying to drown myself with work, in order not to think so much of you but 我做不到 :(
maybe you have already forgotten but i didnt..sigh!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

so moody.everything seems to go haywire today!
So stress with work..nothing seems to go smoothly..:(

cooked fried kway teow for dinner but dun feel like eating. Cooked cup noodle, no appetite.
went to buy fruits, all sold out!
and for no reason, kena rashes! WhY!
if only..nvm..sigh!

its 2am again :( you have a good sleep and rest well !
Missing you from a distance :( 

Monday, August 12, 2019

 feeling blessed cos dinner and desserts was on tekong boy..
happy that hes coping well and staying fit.

Went to "2 bakers", serangoon branch. nv heard of them until i read their reviews. tried their min jian kueh peanut crepes.not bad . Nice cosy and quiet place, maybe it was late already.
hmm, will come by nx week for lunch and work . I need some fresh place to work :(
staying too much at home, getting stale, though can save abit..lolz.
late ler, its 2am..i am still awake..why!!!!!!
min jian kueh peanut crepes
lime mojito

Thursday, August 8, 2019

my homecooked lunch on NDP eve..Broccoli Pasta with Garlic Prawn, hashtag-misshookitchen :)

need to plan for my solo trip soon...1 of my bucket list!

I am not a shopping person..nature, sun, sea and historical site is more ME!
I can have all the time by myself to take nice pictures
hmmm, where should I go?
peasants like me, got to save enough monies first...

alrdy working very hard liao :( no day no night, stress till insomnia ler, taking a deep breath......
in the past, whenever I am all stressed up, I just need to walk pass the tiny cubicle and u r always there with a smile...and its comforting..

Sunday, August 4, 2019

"korean army stew" for supper before tekong boy book in ..:)got spam and cheese..fei si!
simple Sunday home cooked meal..:)
Fishball ball soup using chicken feet and ikan bilis as soup base . top with some pork lard.
pork belly with my own sauce :P ..秘密!
spinach and broccoli with prawn

Saturday, August 3, 2019

tekong boy craving for BKT soup..:) chef 很忙!哈哈!
Preparation: 排骨,蒜,白胡椒,BKT sachet. Super yummy. dun even nid to add any salt. natural sweetness from the pork.巴刹叔叔gave me super fresh pork!
I dunno whether its teochew or hokkien style, as long as it taste good! goes well with a bowl of rice! 只是少了一盘咸菜~!YUMZ!
all the favorite,mee tai mak, misshookitchen style

Monday, July 29, 2019

making korean cabbage egg sandwich for nid go "ny night market", my kitchen oso have..HA! all these cost less than $2!
Simple ingredients : Egg, cabbage, bread..I added slice beef..yumz.Must toast the bread to get the crunchiness.
I have never been to korea..but i can make some nice korean food (except kimchee)..hee! not bad me right!
taste very nice! next time i will try with ham, cheese and spam!
Zhougong, you take care ya!